assisted living and memory care

What’s the difference between assisted living and memory care?

Assisted living and memory care: When you are still living a somewhat independent life and have the capacity to perform... read more

Why smaller ALF 1 of the best settings are often more beneficial to our seniors?

Assisted Living Facility concerns for seniors. You want to be around individuals who care about your well-being and are concerned about... read more

parents wit dementia

How to move a parents with dementia to assisted living?

  Moves are challenging enough in and of themselves as parents with dementia, but transferring a parent who has dementia may... read more

exercise for seniors

Rich Foods and exercise for seniors are very Important.

Rich Foods and exercise for seniors. It’s easier than you may think to find nutrient-rich meals and include them in your... read more

laughter as a good remedy

Why Laughter is best as a Good Remedy for seniors

Laughter May Deliver Physical Health Benefits There are many reasons you feel so tremendous after an awesome laugh a burst of... read more

Older Peoples' Civil Rights

The Older Peoples’ Civil Rights.

Older Peoples' Civil Rights have long been a prone section of the populace. The latest (and maximum public) displays of... read more

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